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Doppelkopf — 3 Years Later

3 years ago I started building a browser-based Doppelkopf card game as a pet project. Things have been quiet. Did I give up? Hit a roadblock? Nuke the git repo?

Building a Jira integration for Stack Overflow for Teams

I built an integration between Stack Overflow for Teams and Jira. This post takes a peek under the hood of that integration.

Using 'make' to Make Your Code More Accessible

With 'make' we can automate common tasks for our programming projects and make them more accessible as a result.

Testing Ansible Provisioning Locally

Learn how to test Ansible provisioning scripts locally

A "Doppelkopf" Browser Game

I started implementing a browser game version of the German "Doppelkopf" card game and it's great fun. Read why I started doing this and what I've discovered so far.

E-book Release of Testing Microservices

Yeah, the "testing microservices" post series got a little out of hand. If you prefer ebooks over blog posts I've got your back. I released the "testing microservices" series as an ebook.

Testing Microservices — Java & Spring Boot

Learn how to test your Java & Spring Boot microservice, based on the "Testing Microservices" article

Testing Microservices

Learn the concepts you need to build a reliable, fast and effective test suite for your microservices

Remote Pair Programming Made Easy with SSH and tmux

For many developers pair programming is the way to go. But pairing often becomes challenging as soon as people are working remotely. With a simple SSH and tmux setup you can have a very simple but effective setup for collaborating remotely using nothing but your command line.

Import your DKB account into Homebank

Homebank is a great and free personal finance tool. I have written a small converter that allows you to import account data from DKB accounts.

Add Color to Chrome's Header Bar on Android Lollipop

Chrome on Android Lollipop offers a nice way for your website to set the color of the header bar. Let me show you how!