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Isn't this why social media was invented?

How remote work changed my life

About 1.5 years ago I quit my job, started working remotely and moved to a small town. I'm reflecting on how these changes have affected my life.

Moving On

I'm starting a new job remotely after leaving the adventures of a consultancy behind. Some thoughts on this change.


An hommage to my nickname.

Working at ThoughtWorks, a three month retrospective

More than three months into my new job at ThoughtWorks I tell the story of my first day at my new job and take a first look in the rearview mirror to reflect about work, company culture and other remarkable stuff

Goodbye Gütersloh, Hello Hamburg!

Today is my last day in Gütersloh. I'm leaving Bertelsmann after six exciting years. This post is about the my previous journey as a software developer and about my future in Hamburg.