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Some command line tips so you can brag in front of your less technical friends

Distraction-free writing with vim

Want to write without distractions and don't feel like buying an extra app for that? Here's how.

Remote Pair Programming Made Easy with SSH and tmux

For many developers pair programming is the way to go. But pairing often becomes challenging as soon as people are working remotely. With a simple SSH and tmux setup you can have a very simple but effective setup for collaborating remotely using nothing but your command line.

Fun and Useless Tools for Your Command Line

There are a couple of really great tools out there that can help you getting more fun out of your day-to-day command line use. These are some of my favorites.

Making tmux Pretty and Usable - A Guide to Customizing your tmux.conf

tmux certainly has its flaws when you use its vanilla configuration. I'll show you how you can customize tmux so that it fits your needs, is a little more comfortable to use and pretty to look at.

A Quick and Easy Guide to tmux

tmux is a tool that can boost your productivity while using the terminal. Think of it as a window manager in your terminal with some extra fanciness on top. This post gives you an easy-to-follow introduction to tmux and explains its basic features and how to use them.