Last update: 20 Jan 2021

Here’s what keeps me busy at the moment. what?

👨‍💻 Side Projects


Work on Doppelkopf goes on. If you’ve been following this blog, you might’ve seen that I don’t shut up about this one. This is my biggest time sink outside of work currently. I’m tackling the probably biggest feature I’ve done so far: Multiplayer mode. There’s a lot of technical design to be done but I think I’m almost ready to get some code out there. Other than that I’m busy trying to find a good domain - ideas welcome.

📚 Reading

The last 3 books I’ve read, most recent at the top.

Factfulness by Hans Rosling

It’s a long winter and the bad news keep on coming. Factfulness has been on my list for a while and I finally decided to pick it up. I’m enjoying it a lot. Its uplifting tone is a welcome change. more info

ASP.NET Core in Action by Andrew Lock

Stack Overflow runs on .NET and C#. Last year we finally migrated everything to .NET Core to get some of the latest greatness. It was time to fill a bunch of gaps I had when it comes to understanding the .NET ecosystem and ASP.NET Core. Andrew Lock takes a comprehensible tour through what it takes to build, test and deploy an ASP.NET Core application. Exactly what I was looking for. more info

Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff

I’ve read a few of Lovecraft’s horror stories a few years back and enjoyed the sinister atmosphere. I found myself conflicted when I learned more about the person Lovecraft was and the racist views he held. Lovecraft Country dives right into this conflict and combines supernatural horror with the racism and conflicts of 1950s rural America. more info

🏋 Fitness

I’ve got a garage gym where I lift heavy stuff just to put it back down. Sometimes that sounds silly, even to me, but it makes me happy and keeps me balanced.

My most recent 1 rep maxes:

Squat Deadlift Bench Press Overhead Press
125kg 145kg 105kg 65kg

🏡 Renovations

We bought a house last year. During all those Covid lockdowns, we try to use the time to get some small renovations and projects around the house done. The next big thing is doing some woodworking to build shelves and a new workbench for the garage. Neither I nor my wife have done anything like that before so we’re excited to see how this goes.

🛵 Moped tweaks

My dad gave me his old 1964 NSU Quickly N23 moped and I’ve enjoyed a bunch of rides in spring and summer. I’ve never been a handyman and I’m a joke to any serious mechanic. A vehicle as simple as the NSU Quickly makes it really easy to get started with some easy reparations, restaurations and improvements and so I’m trying. Last year I got to grips with its two-stroke engine and all the basics. This winter I’m looking into fixing the broken speedometer and replace the tires with whitewall tires - that should easily get me an extra 5km/h.