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A collection of pretty much everything I've written on software development, silly card games and personal shenanigans.

“Learning Test-Driven Development” - A Book Review

A book review for Saleem Siddiqui's “Learning Test-Driven Development”. Spoiler alert -- It's excellent.

How remote work changed my life

About 1.5 years ago I quit my job, started working remotely and moved to a small town. I'm reflecting on how these changes have affected my life.

Doppelkopf — 3 Years Later

3 years ago I started building a browser-based Doppelkopf card game as a pet project. Things have been quiet. Did I give up? Hit a roadblock? Nuke the git repo?

Building a Jira integration for Stack Overflow for Teams

I built an integration between Stack Overflow for Teams and Jira. This post takes a peek under the hood of that integration.

Distraction-free writing with vim

Want to write without distractions and don't feel like buying an extra app for that? Here's how.

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