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How remote work changed my life

21 Dec 2020

About 1.5 years ago I quit my job, started working remotely and moved to a small town. I'm reflecting on how these changes have affected my life.

Doppelkopf — 3 Years Later

11 Nov 2020

3 years ago I started building a browser-based Doppelkopf card game as a pet project. Things have been quiet. Did I give up? Hit a roadblock? Nuke the git repo?

Distraction-free writing with vim

02 Feb 2020

Want to write without distractions and don't feel like buying an extra app for that? Here's how.

Moving On

05 Apr 2019

I'm starting a new job remotely after leaving the adventures of a consultancy behind. Some thoughts on this change.


05 Apr 2019

An hommage to my nickname.

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