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A collection of pretty much everything I've written on software development, silly card games and personal shenanigans.

Path to Production Mapping

Here's one from the consulting toolbox. Path to Production Mapping is a simple and effective tool that can help you understand, discuss, analyze, and improve how your team ships software to production. In this post I explain what it's all about and how you can use it.

Browser Bookmarks on the Command Line

I wrote lnks, a small tool to helps you and your team to search through and open browser bookmarks from the command line

“Learning Test-Driven Development” - A Book Review

A book review for Saleem Siddiqui's “Learning Test-Driven Development”. Spoiler alert -- It's excellent.

How remote work changed my life

About 1.5 years ago I quit my job, started working remotely and moved to a small town. I'm reflecting on how these changes have affected my life.

Doppelkopf — 3 Years Later

3 years ago I started building a browser-based Doppelkopf card game as a pet project. Things have been quiet. Did I give up? Hit a roadblock? Nuke the git repo?

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