Hi, I'm Ham!

Ham Vocke

I'm a Software Developer living in Northwest Germany, working remotely for Stack Overflow.

Previously, I worked at ThoughtWorks as a Consultant and Software Developer. Even further down the memory lane I started my life as a software developer at Bertelsmann where I got to learn the tools of the trade.

I love building software and am grateful that I could turn that into my profession.

My career allowed me to dive into a lot of different domains and technologies and to work with a bunch of fun companies. From IoT household devices to car manufacturers, insurance companies and big e-commerce shops, SaaS products and online communities, from delivering software to consulting teams to tech leading, I've experienced quite some different constellations. And as everyone loves a good list of buzzwords here are some of the things I care about or have worked with in the past:

Continuous Delivery Test-Driven Development Extreme Programming (XP) Kanban Scrum Microservices Java Spring Boot JavaScript C# ASP.NET node.js vue.js Python Flask Django Go Rust Swift iOS Development MongoDB MySQL Postgresql SQL Server

If you want to say "hi" feel free to drop me a line. You can find all my contact information at the bottom of the page.