Hi, I'm Ham!*

Ham Vocke

I'm a Software Developer living in Hamburg and working at ThoughtWorks.

I love creating software and managed to turn that into my profession.

Over the last years I've worked on quite a few software projects for renowned companies and got to work with a bunch of different technologies. And as everyone loves buzzwords here's some of the languages, tools, technologies and methodologies I've used and worked with in the past:

Java JavaScript Spring Boot node.js Swift iOS Development Python Flask Django PHP MongoDB MySQL Microservices Continuous Delivery Test-Driven Development Extreme Programming (XP) Kanban Scrum

If you want to say "hi" or have a specific request, feel free to drop me a line. You can find all my contact information on the Contact Page.

*: Well, actually it's Hermann but I prefer Ham which is somewhat of a plattdeutsch version of my name.